Hi, this is Jugal.
I make designs and develop websites.
Probably that is what I am doing right now, which is why my own website is under-construction.

(Gah! Don't all web developers give that excuse?)

But anyway, since you have taken efforts to come all the way, I've prepared a short intro for you to read:

What all do I do?

Web design and Development. Graphic design for print and web media. Brand consulting for young startups.

Meh, sounds too geeky!

What exactly? And for whom?

I work with various brands, companies, cafe's / resto's, individuals and people who care about looking beautiful on the web
I design websites, re-design and beautify boring websites, modernify and Web2.0'fy early 90's websites.
I excel in WordPress customization, theme design and plugin development.
I make logo's, ads, posters and other creative artworks for print media.
I give ideas to young startups and businesses on branding and promoting themselves on internet.

What tools / platforms do I use?

Adobe Creative Suite. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP / MySQL. WordPress (Big time!). And bountiful of experience on using the internet.

Some of my recent work:

The Wednesday Soul - Official website for the novel "The Wednesday Soul" by stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant
Crumbs To Gourmet - Ajax based WordPress theme for the catering brand of Chef Joel D'souza "Crumbs To Gourmet"
The Square Mango - Branding, Logo and Web Design for a young start-up from Mumbai that specializes in custom made T-shirts.
Early Man Film - A film production house based in Mumbai that makes beautiful TV ads
Sorabh Pant - Fancy jQuery parallax website for stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant.
APB Cook Studio - Business website for cook studio called "A Perfect Bite" based in Powai
Sourceasy.co - Single page corporate profile website for apparel sourcing company "Sourceasy.co"
Shayan Italia - Official website of UK based singer Shayan Italia for the launch of his debut album "Feel"
Nexsales - Corporate website of the US-based company Nexsales.com made with jQuery to discover an out-of-the-box layout and UI.
Hina's Atelier - Portfolio website of a Hong Kong based fashion designer Hina Madhumal
The Villa Escape - A villa rental company based in Mumbai, provides luxury villas at various destinations across Europe
Center For Inner Sciences - Website / news-portal for a UK based non-profit, built on wordpress with event management tool and e-commerce
Cafe Mangii - Designed a newspaper ad for Cafe Mangii, a chain of restaurant located in Powai, Khar and Goa
Crazeal Infographic - Infographic design & data visualization for Groupon's Indian venture "Crazeal"

(There are many more, will be put up once I finish desiging the complete website. If you can't wait, email me!)

Spot on! How do I contact you?

Sure! Let's meet and discuss your business over a cup of coffee. (And make sure the cafe has free Wi-Fi.)
Get in touch:
Email: mail@jugalmistry.com
Twitter: @holy_photon
Facebook: facebook.com/mistryjugal

Are you an intern?

If you want to make web design your life, I'm happy to provide hands-on training and oppurtunity to work on real projects.
Contact me with your bio, experience (if any) and list of favourite movies!